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Chris and Jamie Bailey are professional Christian counselors and marriage coaches who are passionate about helping couples live their best lives together. They each hold a Masters degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Chris and Jamie have been married for over twenty-six years and, together, raised three daughters. They run a private practice in South Carolina as well as Expedition Marriage, an online marriage ministry. Through speaking, writing, and hosting marriage retreats, they hope to share the truth of God's word, along with practical tools for Christian couples everywhere to live an abundant life through Jesus.


It is Chris and Jamie's desire for your marriage to be able to reflect the love, grace, forgiveness, and vitality that it was made to have.  They have made it their life's passion to bring healing and sustaining joy back into hurting and hopeless marriages. 

Having been married for over 26 years, they most certainly understand trials, hardships and hard work. They know what it's like to overcome painful histories, to have knock down, drag out fights, and to feel unheard and misunderstood. Chris and Jamie also know the isolated feeling of disconnection and the longing to be unconditionally loved.


By the grace of God, along with their willingness to follow Him, they have known the healing, the abundant joy, the deep connection, unconditional love, and everything else that marriage is meant to be. More than anything, they want you to know that too!

Newlywed Couple's Devotional

* For Newlyweds and Newlywed "Wanna-be's"

  • 52 Weekly Devotionals that explore common issues and themes every couple experiences, such as intimacy, love, commitment, household duties, finances, and more 

  • Everyday Scripture and Reflective Bible Studies that provide practical solutions to bringing marriages closer to God

  • Action-Oriented Discussion Prompts that hold couples accountable for maintaining their God-anchored vows

  •  Weekly Prayers that are specific and relevant to the topics discussed

Suggested Interview Questions


1. Tell us about your new book, The Newlywed Couple’s Devotional, and your hearts behind it.


2. Is your book just for newlywed couples or could other couples benefit from it too?


3. The book is broken down into 52 weekly devotions that have scripture, stories of other couples, connecting questions, and prayer. Tell us about that format and why you chose it?


4. You talk about having a God centered marriage in your book. For the couples who may not understand that concept, what does that actually mean?


5. Back in your own newlywed days, how do you think your book would have helped you in your marriage?


6. What would you suggest for the spouse whose partner is not on board with doing a devotion or growing in their marriage? Could they read this on their own?


7. What is the one thing you would want for the couples who read your book?   


8. For the couples who read your book, what kind of results will they see?


"Newlywed Couple's Devotional should be required reading for all Christian couples. Chris and Jamie 'give it to you straight' in a way that your mentor or best friend would. Their loving, yet no-nonsense approach to topics most important in building a strong marriage is refreshing. If you are looking for a practical, wise, and spiritually sound devotional for newlyweds, this is it! This will definitely be a gift we buy as wedding presents for all our family and friends." —Mike + Carlie Kercheval, authors of Consecrated Conversations: 30 Conversational Devotions for Christian Couples
"Chris and Jamie Bailey have a heart for seeing couples flourish in all that God designed their marriage to be. While they have invested countless hours in counseling with couples on how to rebuild, restore and repair a broken marriage, they know that it is much better to 'prepare rather than to repair.'  This devotional for newlywed couples is a great resource to help a recently or not so recently married couple build a foundation for a God-centered marriage.  Chris and Jamie guide couples utilizing God’s Word along with practical insights and powerful questions to help couples discover the joy of a God-centered marriage.  Invest in yourself and your marriage by using this devotional guide to apply God’s timeless wisdom to your marriage relationship. Your future self will be glad that you did!" —Jeff Bedwell, lead pastor of First Baptist Church Fort Mill

"Chris and Jamie Bailey have written a must-read devotional for all newlyweds who desire to leave a legacy of a healthy marriage for their children. Their expertise in this area will help get your marriage off on the right spiritual footing and ensure that you bless many generations with an example of what a Godly marriage looks like." —Tina Chambers Smith, founder of Raising Kids on Your Knees
"Are you looking for a wonderful gift to give to an engaged or newly married couple? Look no further! I've found the most wonderful new resource from marriage counselors, Chris and Jamie Bailey. It's a practical devotional book filled with wise and easy-to-read advice, ideas, and questions for discussion. From work and money to friendships and sex to devotional life and communication, this resource is replete with amazing instruction. As young couples, I wish we had enjoyed access to a powerful book like this one." —Melanie Redd, author of Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls


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