26 Ways to Make Date Nights as Easy as ABC

Isn’t it amazing to think of how easy it used to be to squeeze in a date night? In fact, can you believe that there was once a time where that’s literally almost all you did together? But, if you think of what dating provided for you way back then, you’d quickly discover why it’s SO important to keep those date nights alive.

Dating helped you establish your friendship, it helped you discover both of your likes and dislikes, and it likely provided a lot of laughter too. All the things that bonded you as a couple back then, can still bond you together as a married couple now. That’s why date nights are so necessary.

But we totally understand if you're running out of ideas, so we’d love to help you with that. No matter how busy life gets, with just a little bit of effort, we truly believe date nights can be as easy as the ABCs, and here’s the proof….

A. Adventurous Eats- Go out for food you haven't eaten before

B. Bike riding, explore your neighborhood or find a new place

C. Chalk drawing encouraging messages on sidewalks for strangers

D. Dessert and Dancing at home

E. Escape room. Grab some friends and take on the challenge

F. Fishing. Farmers Market or Food Truck

G. Game night at home or with friends

H. Horseback riding. Hammocks at the park. Hiking.

I. Ice cream sundaes. Go all out!

J. Journey through old photo albums

K. Kite flying. Karaoke.

L. Live music. Learn a new skill.

M. Massages at home or at a salon

N. Netflix new series

O. Outside fire pit or outside swing

P. Pedicures. Popcorn and a classic movie. Picnic. Photoshoot

Q. Quickie somewhere new

R. Random act of kindness together

S. State park

T. Trivia night.

U. Unwind by relaxing at home without technology

V. Vacation dreaming and planning.

W. Walk in a park you've never been to

X. Xbox gaming together

Y. Yard games.

Z. Zip lining. Zoo.

One more thing date nights do—they help you learn more about each other, and just because you’re married, that doesn’t mean you’re done getting to know each other. In addition to these date night ideas, if you’d like to keep on getting to know each other and have some things to talk about while you’re out, go ahead and grab our 25 Date Night Conversations from the tab below!

Now go on, get out there and have some fun!

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