5 Lessons We Learn from Dads

Whether you’re celebrating your own father or the father of your children, we don’t want you to miss the value of dads. Fathers have such a strong role within the family. Even when they’re not intentionally teaching, they’re still teaching. And, if absent, this loss is strongly felt by the family and by society at large. Dads are meant to be the anchor of their families, and, for those of you blessed to experience their presence, you likely felt the safety and assurance a dad can provide.

As we pause to celebrate the fathers in our lives, here’s five lessons your dad might have taught you, or that your children might be learning from their dad now:

To be fearless—For generations, fathers everywhere have tossed toddlers in the air, run behind wobbly bicycles as children learned to ride on their own, and encouraged their kids to take risks. On occasion, dads help you rub a little dirt in your wound and get back up. And these small, simple lessons have been shown to shape less anxious children. A dad’s ability to throw your laughing toddler just a little higher actually prevents anxiety with the ups and downs of life down the road.

To work hard—There are many examples of dads who prioritize work over their families. This should never be the case. However, there are many hardworking dads who prioritize providing, even though they might lose balance on occasion. Don’t miss their dedication to hard work and to doing whatever it takes to provide well. And, if you’re a hard worker, your dad likely helped show you how.

To play hard and laugh hard—Dads have their own brand of jokes, #dadjokes. They’re all so cheesy, but so beloved. They pop up out of nowhere and rise to any occasion. And the family reluctantly (and also secretly lovingly) relies on them. Dads are the best at play and lightheartedness, and, yes, even sometimes to a fault. But no matter what’s going on, dads seem to always make time for play, wrestling around, throwing a ball, or telling a dad joke. Learn to play like the dad in your life.

To see love in many forms—Even when dads struggle to openly express their emotions, we can still learn to see and receive love in different forms. The dad in your life may need to practice sharing his feelings more. But, if you look for his love, you will still find it. Dad’s love often comes in the form of a pat on the back, changing the oil in your car, slipping you an extra $20 just because, or a long-winded, how-to lecture to keep you safe and help you achieve what’s best. Dads may not always execute love clearly, but that doesn’t mean their heart isn’t fully invested. Dads taught us how to find love in unexpected places. To believe in yourself—Dads are the ones who teach you how to swing a bat and never give up. They help you get behind the wheel and into real traffic for the first time. When they don’t coddle you or go easy on you, it’s often because they believe in you. They are willing to force you to do brave things, because they believe that you can. Your dad may not say it with words, but, when they set you free and allow you to fail your way forward, it’s because they believe in you and think you should believe in yourself, too.

As Father’s Day approaches, let’s take the time to appreciate the gift of safety, security, and encouragement fathers share. Not all of them are perfect, but a lot of them do the very best they can in the ways they know how.

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