Comparison: Don’t Let it Kill Your Calling

Running a marriage ministry, being formally trained, and identifying yourself as a professional, seems like enough to feel validated, right? I mean, after all of that, surely you would feel confident and ready for all the people to soak up your wisdom and all the amazing information you have to share.

But there’s just one problem … you don’t.

Nope, you just don’t ever feel totally qualified or confident. Because you know that almost every marriage counselor, or whatever else kind of professional out there, is probably sharing the same thing as you... and, you may actually be right. Others are sharing a lot of the same things. Cue insecurity. Yep, that’s right, even professional marriage counselors can feel insecure (raises hand here)!

There’s such a drive to be relevant, to be different, to have the next new thing, to be owning all the platforms, booking all the clients, and having all the best written books or blogs -- basically, a call to be THE BEST. Shoot, if we're honest, a call to even just be good enough.

But here’s the real deal, there’s nothing special about being the best or even being different. This goes for marriage counselors, bloggers, stay at home moms, health gurus, whatever. I mean, where is the judge or the scale for that anyway? Isn’t it just imaginary? Aren't we usually the worst, if not only, critic we have?

What is so wrong about saying what’s already been said, writing what’s already been written, or selling what’s already being sold? What a great scheme of the enemy to make us believe things can only be done once, or done or said a specific way. He has silenced a lot of us by doing so.

You may not be a marriage counselor, but, assuming you are a human, I bet you struggle with this, too. Playing the old game of “not good enough” or "_______ is better than me” is a paralyzing ploy. It is keeping those of us who are offering hope or help to the world, silent. This, my friends, is a game that Satan himself created.

So how about you allow me to ruin the entire game for you? Like, put down your pawn, throw the board, walk away, and completely destroy it, kind of ruin. (Think Monopoly when you don't own Boardwalk and Park Place)

Imagine for a minute that we actually were all sharing and speaking the same things -- whether it be in health and wellness, medical care, counseling, personal growth, business or life coaching, you name it. What if we all had the same message in our represented fields of helping others and offering hope and healing? What then?

Well, I'll tell you.... It would be freakin' awesome!

Why? Because we are in a battle, and every repeated word is one more voice in the army against darkness. And guess what? The war has already been waged. We're in it whether or not we believe it.

Friends, whatever you do, if you are a hope-breeder (which you are) and if you have a message the world needs (which you do), I beg you to stand up and say it. It’s worth saying it again. Your voice, especially your repetitive voice, is one more soldier in the army, and the battle has never been greater. We need you in it!

It’s time. It's time for hope to stand united. Go ahead, put down the heavy weight of comparison and not good enough, and boldly rise up.

And...don't worry, I’ll be right there, armored up waiting to stand next to you.

Watch out world, we're coming -- with one, big united voice!

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