How to have a Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Kind of Marriage

When I was first dating my husband, we had so much sweetness in our relationship. All the car doors were being opened, the yeses were abundant, and kind words like Honey Bun and Schmoopy were being flung all over the place. You remember those days of almost sickening sweetness, don’t you?

Well, sometimes that sweetness fades over time. You get married and you start to lose the newness, you begin to irritate each other more—and let's just say that walking in forgiveness is just a lit bit trickier. The truth is, if we’re not careful, in not much time at all, all that sugar can turn into salt.

If it’s time for your marriage to be spiced back up, you know, like that sweet pumpkin Fall favorite, kind of spice, then we’ve got some tips for you!

Bring back the days of the special treats—the days where you bought those just because flowers or when you grabbed his favorite coffee or snack on your way to see him. These simple gestures can help your spouse feel seen and known. The next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a treat that he loves or prepare a special dessert. And, go pick up those flowers, or without her knowing it, go fill up her gas tank. Anything to bring a sweet smile to your spouse’s face.

Make intentional eye contact—yep, you read that right. Look at each other. Trust us, it sounds simple, but it can actually be quite awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you’ve grown apart a bit. But if you want to feel close and bring that soft sweetness back, you have to gaze into those eyes of the one sitting across from you. Take the time to intentionally look into your spouse’s eyes the next time you talk to them. Pause on the couch together and just simply stare at your spouse, and while you're doing it, remind them how much you love them.

Make the time to pray together—Research shows us that couples who pray together are the happiest couples there are—and happy couples have sweetness in their marriage. Make a specific time to pray each day. Grab hands close your eyes and just talk to God together. Ask for that sweetness to be restored. Ask for your needs, thank Him for His blessings, just come to the Father together. We guarantee this will provide all the sweetness you need.

If you want to keep this really simple, head on out today, grab a Pumpkin Spice latte (or your spouses’ favorite), bring it home and look them directly in the eye and say “I am so thankful to God for giving me you.” Boom. Done!

If you really want to sweeten the deal, we’ve got a great Eye Contact Challenge you can take together. Click below if you’re up for it!

Keep on Enjoying the Journey!

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