Celebrate Mother's Day Right

Being a mom is stressful, fulfilling, hard, incredible, and, well, it’s all the things. (Am I right, moms?) A mother’s mind constantly races. She’s always thinking of protecting her children and keeping them safe, planning what needs to be done, and staying one step ahead of everyone else in the family. Very rarely do moms experience true rest.

The average mom has a lot of guilt. They worry: am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Are my kids happy? Are they too happy? Are they structured and disciplined well? Are they not free enough? We just never know.

Having kids also means having a constant critic. It’s the rolled eyes at the grocery store with your screaming toddler, the passive aggressive comments about another mom’s child who “would never act like yours,” and fielding questions about what your kids did all day long. But the worst criticism usually comes from a mother’s own mind—that ever vigilant critic, trying to make sure you don’t screw this all up. This critic shows up at a moment’s notice, pointing out all your flaws, comparing you to some other mom, and heaping on loads of guilt for taking a much-needed break when there’s work to do. It’s relentless.

Motherhood comes with a high price. While there are many benefits in the form of candy-covered kisses or sticky-handed hugs, most of the benefits don’t show up until later in life. When your little ones grow, they truly start to understand the love of their mother and seeing the sacrifices you made for them. Moms, you are special—so very special. And we want you to have a day all about you!

So, husbands and dads, it’s up to you to pour out all the appreciation you have for your wives. It’s up to you to remind them and reassure them that they’re amazing. And, with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we want to help. Sign up to get your copy of What Moms Really Want, if you want to find out what the mother of your children really would like for Mother’s Day! But, if she’s already told you a gift, get that too!

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