Spring Clean Your Marriage

Nothing inspires us to simplify, clean and start afresh quite like Spring does. Why not make use of all that motivation and get some cleaning done in your marriage too? Let's be honest, it probably got a little dusty over the winter. Holidays, the bitter cold, flu season, all demanding your relationship be placed on the back shelf, or shoved into a closet somewhere.

Spring is here now, and it's time to take it down, dust it off and give it a good ol' spit shine (well, maybe not that, but you get the point!). Seriously though, when is the last time you've evaluated what's in your marriage like you do what's in your garage every year? What is lying around not being put to good use, what have you forgotten you even had, and what can you get rid of?

Let's go ahead and find out...

First step is to evaluate. Have a good look around. Is there anything you've swept under the rug? If so, now is the time to clear it out. If you're holding any resentments because issues weren't dealt with, take the time to sweep those out and talk about them too. Do you have any problems that you are currently sweeping under the rug? Well, guess what? It's time for them to also be seen and known.

Lumps under the rug just get bigger over time. Decide together to be a couple that shares with one another. Talk about the hard things and work together to keep those marital lumps from under all the rugs. Avoiding communication is not communication at all.

Next...Do you have anything broken that needs to be repaired? Ask one another what isn't working in your marriage? Check in and see if there's anything you could be working on to make your marriage better. How is communication between the two of you going? Conflict resolution? Do you both feel emotionally safe with each other? If you identify something that needs repair, fix it! Your marriage isn't just like an old broken rake in the garage that can be trashed, it's a one of a kind treasure. Fix it!

Lastly, while you're looking around, is there anything you misplaced or forgot you had? What's that back in the corner underneath all the things? A date night? Go get it! Dust off the cobwebs and start enjoying that time together again!

How about some lofty dreams you shared together? Have you been taking action going after those?

When's the last time you've sat and chatted about memories? I'm sure there are some great times you've shared that could be once again put on display. Spend some time together planning new dreams, new memories and reliving old ones. Your time together through the years are those rare hidden gems. They are the diamonds in the rough. Polish them off and enjoy their hidden beauty. Let them serve as reminders of your love.

Spring is always a time of new growth, new life and new beginnings. It's a time to be inspired! And while you are, don't just reorganize your linen closet and your garage. Refresh your marriage. Declutter, clean and repair. Trust us, you'll really love the before and after!

Now, go on and Enjoy the Journey!

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