Technology in Marriage

What gets in the way of connecting with our spouse more than anything nowadays? Technology, mainly our cell phones. They keep us attached to the outside world way more than they help us stay connected to our spouse. Join us today as we chat about the specific ways our phones can wreak havoc in our marriages, and then find out how we can use them for good!

Our phones can:

  • Disconnect and distract us

  • Tell your spouse they’re not important

  • Be used as an unhealthy escape

  • Be a place of temptation

But, you can use them for good when you:

  • Put time limits on them

  • Set reminders for good things

  • Have joint calendars and to do lists

  • Use it to connect to one another

Check out ( for a step by step on how to set timers on your phone so you can decide when to shut it down and not receive any notifications.

Here is a link to our IGTV for How to Use Technology to help your relationship:


“Don’t allow your cell phone to tell your spouse they’re a lower priority.”

“Your phone can be used as an escape that actually keeps you from addressing and fixing the problems in your marriage”

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