The #1 Reason Your Marriage Goes from Fireworks to Fizzle

The month of July is always one we look forward to. There’s just something about the summer that increases all the feel-good nostalgia of family. These are the months we have picnics, watch fireflies, go for swims and take vacations—we do all the things that bond us as family and friends. And although summer may not technically be voted as the top favorite season, we think it just might be one of the more anticipated ones.

Summer offers us a season of rest, fun and connection—and who doesn’t want that? We’re all looking forward to the parades, the cookouts, and most importantly the FIREWORKS. Disclaimer here—we’re in SC, and around here, fireworks aren’t just something for the 4th of July, they’re a way of life!

We have them at baseball games, on Friday nights, at the end of concerts, or when someone has a successful garage sale—you name it, we light it up around here! That’s exactly what we want the fireworks in your marriage to be like—a good ol’ South Carolina 4th of July—one that’s held year-round instead of just once a year.

Here’s the deal—when you were first dating, you had some big player brain chemicals working in your favor. All the ones that light up the pleasure center of your brain and create all that bonding you used to do so easily—those chemicals are what helped make for all that blushing, that giddiness, and those racing hearts you once had. They’re also the chemicals that kept you longing for more—more of each other.

At first, those chemicals just showed up as little volunteer helpers. They were more than happy to invite in all the excitement and get everything going while making sure everyone felt really good. But, here’s the problem—they don’t hang around for long. In fact, after about 1-2 years, they start getting a little fatigued and no longer want to show up as much. Instead of freely giving and flowing like they once did, they now make you work a little bit for them to make an appearance.

But no worries—even if they have fallen asleep on the job a little bit, you can still wake them back up! Just because the initial fireworks you once had may always be a little more explosive than they are now, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have yourself a Carolina Firework show—fireworks that keeps on going!

The truth is, your marriage does take work, but it’s not supposed to be all work, it’s also supposed to be a lot of fun and have a lot of sparks. So, no worries if your brain or your relationship isn’t as lit up as you’d like it to be this summer, we’ve got you covered—Click below and check out these Top 5 Ways You Can Bring the Spark Back into Your Marriage. Go ahead and get started on your EXPLOSIVE journey to your summer of fun!

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