Retreats & Workshops

Whether you want to use one of our retreats or build your own, we want to meet the needs of your church or organization.

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  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Empathy Building

  • Forgiveness

  • Understanding and building Assertiveness

  • Core Relational Patterns

  • Prepare-Enrich Assessment Group Sessions

  • L.O.V.E. through Conflict

  • 1 Corinthians 13 Kind of Loving

  • Understanding Defensive Weapons

  • Relational Types and Interactions

  • Why We Have the Same Fights

  • Building Win/Win Scenarios

  • Being a Team Mindset

  • Building Trust

  • Becoming Accessible, Responsive, and Engaged

Launching couple work through utilizing a customized, strengths-oriented assessment and complementary skill-building exercises. 

The Prepare & Enrich assessment helps us gain a comprehensive view of the couple's relationship to help them to know where to start and to enable us to focus time on what they specifically need.


  • Can be offered in small group or large group format

  • Are tailored for couples based on the stage of their relationship (i.e. Pre-marital, Recently Married, and Couples desiring enrichment)

  • All couples take a Computer Based Assessment which customizes for their stage of relationship and family conditions (i.e. Blended Family)

  • Deepen the bond a couple has with a personalized snap shot of their relationship. 

  • Builds valuable core couple competencies.
  • Uses the objective results from the couple assessment to illuminate a more clear understanding of themselves and their relationship while developing confidence and relationship skills.

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